2 Pages – Coca Cola Company

2 Pages – Coca Cola Company (WORKPLACE)

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Teams will conduct in-depth research and analysis of the business ethics of one company.

The company’s policies and practices as they relate to stakeholders, both internal and external,

prioritized according to what impacts the business:

o Environment

o Human Rights

o Workplace ***

o Public policy (its involvement in the political process through lobbying and political


These topics should be assessed relative to the company’s corporate governance system, strength of policies,

performance trend over time, and against its industry or peers. Students will need to make a case for why the

metrics presented were selected and why they matter to the business.

Analysis should include the broader societal implications of the company’s actions and how various

stakeholders may be impacted. The report should reach a conclusion regarding the quality of the company’s

practices, where it merits commendation, competitive implications of its program, alongside what

improvements might be made.

Research conducted should be wide-ranging and involve reading corporate, activist and media reports.

Labor Laws

employees are treated

the resources provided in the workplace

how efficient the workplace


2 Pages – Coca Cola Company (WORKPLACE)