8 Types of Organizational Structures: their Advantages and Disadvantages, assignment help

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Created by Dvir Samet on Sep 15, 2016

The concept of a vision is so a company as a whole, leadership, management, employees, as well as the general public and customers understand the way for the future of the company, and the mission is how they are going to get there, an actionable plan. (Mind Tools Editorial Team, 2016) The structure of an organization empowers the employees on up and gives them their roles and communication channels to get the mission accomplished, while the culture nurtures the mindset and work environment to create the unity and teamwork the company desires in order to operate efficiently and effectively. (Chand, 2015) (Sponaugle, 2014)

  Mr. Purvis shows great concern for both his company employee’s happiness and well-being as well as his customer’s satisfaction. (Renando) With his current one company factory and manufacturing center, Mr. Purvis is overseeing all aspects of leadership, management, production and maintains employee relationships to ensure his vision and mission for the company are being met without compromise to any of his workers, or towards the quality of and timeliness of delivery of the customer orders. (Renando) He empowers individuals to be creative and innovative while giving them the basic culture and structure of an open and accepting company mindset, as long as they meet everyone’s expectations. (Renando) Realizing the potential for expansion and the work it would take to do it the right way, Mr. Purvis has structured his company in a way they can cross-train new employees and management to be transparent as they stand up a new site. He can assure his employees that no job is at jeopardy and there is room for advancement from within. Those that show potential and the ability to lead, he can than reward by offering higher positions within the company, and to be training supervisors and overseers in their new expanding facilities. As long as Mr. Purvis can project his ideals and ensure that those he places in charge follow through with his plan, his employees have an open forum to make suggestions and improvements as necessary, and his customer feedbacks are being addressed, he should have no issues continuing on with his projected expansion plan.


Chand, S. (2015). 8 Types of Organisational Structures: their Advantages and Disadvantages. Retrieved from Your Article Library: http://www.yourarticlelibrary.com/organization/8-types-of-organisational-structures-their-advantages-and-disadvantages/22143/


Learning activity 2B – $3.00

Created by Michael Nelson on Sep 15, 2016 5:06 PM

In order for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives, there is need for a formal structure. This way, tasks can be distributed and allocated to different groups to ensure that resources are efficiently utilized. This distribution of tasks creates different informal structures within the working environment and in the long run, differences in behaviors, attitudes traits etc. arise. Therefore, where employees are expected to perform their tasks within formal structure restrictions, different ways of interaction arise, which create an organizational culture. Structure and culture can be said to be correlative, certain aspects of one define the other and vice versa. Structure is therefore a framework within which the culture can be effected, on the other hand the culture dictates the structuring of the organization.

The implementation of the vision and mission can be affected by the time taken to disseminate information between the different hierarchies in the Jordan shoe company. Since the company has a horizontal structure, more flexibility can be achieved. This attribute facilitates competitiveness enabling the company to adjust to the varying needs of the customers and also grow its performance. A competitive business is one on track to achieving a market culture. Sales, profitability and the market share will be gradually increased. I believe the best option for Purvis would be to sustain the horizontal structure structure even as he in plans to roll out into other states.

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