Accounting Transactions and Concepts

Accounting Transactions and Concepts

Assignment Steps

· Show research on the matter that is properly cited and referenced according to APA with references

· Your posts that you want to count toward your substantive participation grade should be at least 100-150 words of each one of the following subjects:

1. Explain revenue and expense recognition principles.

2. Differentiate between the cash and accrual methods of accounting.

3. The Accounting Information System – What criteria are considered when identifying a business transaction?

4. The Accounting Information System – How are debits and credits used to record these transactions?

5. Accrual Accounting Concepts – What is the theory behind the matching principle?

6. Accrual Accounting Concepts In what method of accounting, accrual or cash, does the matching principle apply?

7. Cash V. Accrual Accounting – What are the differences between the cash and accrual methods of accounting?

8. Cash V. Accrual Accounting – Explain the benefits of each for business.

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