apply radical criminological theory

Radical Criminology

Coursework One Requirements: 3,500 word essay
This module is 100% assessed by coursework and takes the form of one written piece of work. The 3,500 essay is a synoptic piece of assessment which encourages students to apply radical criminological theory to an area covered on one of the other criminology modules, namely;
Globilisation, Crime & Control,

Youth, Crime & Justice,

Race, Crime & Justice,

Gender, Crime & Justice.

Assessment criteria

In marking student’s work, tutors will consider:

the extent to which to remit of the assignment has been met/the question addressed;

the accuracy with which relevant theoretical arguments, concepts and evidence are described and analysed;

the degree to which the theories and concepts discussed are integrated and contextualised;

the range of source material used;

the coherence and integration of the structure of the work presented;

the clarity (spelling, grammar etc…) and technical accuracy with which ideas are expressed.
. Have you selected ONE on the following radical criminological theories/ perspectives?

a) Symbolic Interactionism/ Labeling Perspectives, or
b) Conflict and/ or Marxist Perspectives, or
c) Right Realism, or
d) Left Realism, or
e) Feminist Criminologies, or
f) Green Criminology, or
g) Cultural Criminology.

3. Are you applying one of the above theories/ perspectives to an area covered on one of the following level 5 criminology modules?

a) Globilisation, Crime & Control, or

b) Race, Crime & Justice, or

c) Gender, Crime & Justice, or

d) Youth, Crime & Justice.

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