Assignment 11: Climate Change

Assignment 11: Climate Change

(A) Read the introduction to Chapter 10.

(B) Read Naomi Oreskes, ” The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: How Do We Know We’re Not Wrong?,” pp. 608-628.

(C)  David Keith, “Engineering the Planet,” pp. 690-696.

(D) Christopher Preston, “Re-Thinking the Unthinkable: Environmental Ethics and the presumptive Argument Against Geoengineering,” pp. 697-709.


Question 1:  One issue that many find disturbing is that in US public debate there is skepticism about the scientific consensus concerning the reality and threat of Climate Change. Read the section in Oreskes paper entitled:  “The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change.” Oreskes gives many reasons that support the conclusion that human-induced climate change is real. I would like you to find in that section as many reasons as you can that Oreskes gives that can be used to support the conclusion that there is in fact a strong scientific consensus that human-induced climate change is real. Please number them and explain each reason for this conclusion. (Please no fewer than 3 of them, and make sure that the reasons you explain actually support this conc