Description: Write a program with Python to accomplish the following: You are the market for a new (to you) vehicle. There are many costs associated with the purchase of a car in PA. In addition to the price of car, you will have to pay DMV fees, title transfer fees, and a sales tax on the motor vehicle. The cost for the DMV fees depends on the type of vehicle: A car or truck. The title transfer fee will always be a flat price of $9.00. The DMV fees will vary based on the type of vehicle. If it is a car, it is 3% of the sales price. If it is a truck, its 5%. Finally, the sales tax for the vehicle is 6% of the sale price. Write and call functions to do the following: • Give the user instructions on how to interact with the program • Ask the user to enter the type of vehicle they are buying (car or truck) • Ask the user to enter the price of the vehicle. • Calculate the total fees associated with the vehicle. • Display the total cost back to the user along with the type of vehicle and purchase price. These function calls should be done from a main(). Your main function shouldn’t contain anything other than variables and calls to your functions. Make sure you include comments and a documentation header. Failure to do so will result in a significate points lost.

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