Please answer the questions provided for you below. Summarize the progress you have made to date plus your plan for the future. When restating your goal, make sure it is a complete set up statement that has your target behavior AND goal listed. Do not write a vague goal, it should be specific. For example, if your goal was to exercise 3-4 days a week for a min of 30 min in order to lose 5 lbs, make sure you answer ALL components.

  1. Goal: Re-state the SMART goal from your Health Behavior Change contract ( if it was not correct or specific in your week 1 assignment, correct it here in this assignment.)
  2. Accomplishment: Describe briefly the progress you made towards your goal. Be specific. Don’t just indicate that you lost weight; include how much weight you lost. If you did not make any progress, state that.
  3. Successful Strategies: List at least 3 strategies that you have found useful to you as you worked towards your goal.
  4. Obstacles: List either of the following:
    • at least 2 obstacles that you successfully overcame as you worked towards achieving your goal and how you overcome them; OR
    • at least 2 obstacles you encountered but were not able to overcome and how you could overcome them in the future
  5. Maintenance: Describe briefly what you plan to do from now on to either achieve your goal, or maintain your successful attainment of the goal.

Click on the “Week Four Assignment – Health Behavior Change Final Report” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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