Briefly describe the organisation and its industry.

Below is your assignment for this subject. Please read the brief and instructions thoroughly.
o Your task is to undertake strategic planning for your own organisation or for an organisation you are familiar with in your country or region.
Locate the vision statement, mission statement, statement of values and formal objectives of your chosen organisation. Not all organisations have a statement of values; if that is the case, you can do without the statement of values. Not all organisations have formal objectives; if that is the case, you will be required to develop some appropriate objectives as part of the assignment.
Write a report in which you:
? Briefly describe the organisation and its industry.
? Identify the vision statement, mission statement and statement of values; explain their appropriateness for the organisation; suggest potential improvements.
? Identify the objectives; analyse their appropriateness for the organisation; suggest potential improvements, or develop some appropriate objectives and discuss why they are applicable.
? Undertake an internal analysis of the organisation and an analysis of its external environment using appropriate strategic management tools.
? Develop an appropriate strategy for the organisation. Make sure you explain why the strategy is relevant and how it relates to vision/mission/objectives. Clearly justify your argument.
You do not need to develop implementation processes, but you should mention the critical importance of implementation, execution, and evaluation of the strategies you come up with for this assignment.
Note: In a real world strategic plan it is unlikely that you would use formal referencing. While you might not use referencing in an actual strategic plan, you would definitely source your information from various company/industry reports and from journal articles. In this assignment you are required to make use of such sources explicit through referencing.
? This assessment is an individual assessment (ie this is not a group assessment). Please ensure you avoid collusion and other practices which compromise individual assessment work. (Refer to the Academic Integrity Policy available on AIB website)
o Submit Your Assignment
Current Status: Not Submitted
Subject: Strategic Management [703SMGT]
Subject Dates: 23-10-2015 to 19-11-2015 [AIB-DL]

a) Please make sure you follow the format of a report. Dont forget to include an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and CONTENT PAGE.
b) Please make sure reference the Prescribed text, Please try to sight it more than once in the assignment as it is the main resource for studying this subjects.

c) Please let me know if you can use my company, KIMBERLEY TRAINING INSTITUTE for this assignment.

d) please call me for further discussion.


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