Briefly describe what happened in the negotiation, the key events.

you are asked to plan and execute a negotiation for something of personal value to you and to report your strategy and the negotiation results in a 1 – 3 page paper. You can negotiate for anything you would like – a good or service from a merchant, a salary with a potential employer, etc. This paper should not be a detailed report of everything that happened in each negotiation. Rather, the journal should focus on issues such as:

Briefly describe what happened in the negotiation, the key events.

What did you learn about yourself in this experience?

What did you learn about the behavior of others from this experience?

Hoes does this experience compare to others that you have had in similar or comparable circumstances?

What did you learn about negotiation from this situation?

Also do the concepts presented in lectures or readings enrich your understanding of the process of this negotiation, its outcome, or your own style?

What would you do the same or differently in the future, or how would you like to behave in order to perform more effectively?

A “good” paper is one which tries to step back from a negotiation situation identifies key events and processes, uses readings to help structure the analysis, and is well-written.

This paper should be no longer than 4 pages, double-spaced, Times, 12 point font.

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