Briefly describe your thoughts and feelings about mental illness now.


By utilising practice development concepts such as person-centeredness and reflection, you should come away with a deeper sense of self and new ways of practicing (Edward, Munro et al., 2014, p.613-614).


Assignment Instructions:

  1. In one sentence describe your thoughts and feelings about mental illness that you expressed in your refection Part A assignment.
  2. Briefly describe your thoughts and feelings about mental illness now.
  3. Discuss any differences now from your previous reflection.
  4. Identify any changes you will make to your nursing practice as a result of your reflections.
  5. Identify what nursing principles underpin the practice you intend.
  6. Discuss how you expect these principles will be reflected in the way you deliver nursing care comparing these to the National Standards for Mental Health Nurses – open the hyperlink:

  1. As a result of this course are you likely to pursue a career in mental Health? Explain why or why not.
  2. To submit your reflection: Create a word document no more than two pages and approx. 500-700 words. Then access Moodle Assignment Submission to submit your work. Include your name and student number in the top right. You do not need to attach a cover sheet to this piece of assessment.

Follow the steps below to submit your assignment file:

  1. Select the Submit Assignment link. This will open a new window and you should now be in the Moodle Assignment Submission.
  2. Select Edit Submission tag, which will open.
  3. The next screen is where you attach your files.
  4. Select on the left hand side of the box. Click on to add your file.
  5. Browse and choose the appropriately named file and press upload this file.
  6. Once the file has been uploaded and visible, and you are happy with the correct file, you will see the file you have just attached in the Attached Files box showing the name of the file press Save Changes.
  7. You have now completed submitting your assignment. Close the browser window to return to your Study Desk.

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