Briefly summarise the company’s current strategy

Am supposed to do analysis on SCHLUMBERGER (SLB) and stated below are the instruction copied and pasted from the course work assignment sheet.

1. To summarise the principles of strategic management
2. To assess the processes involved in developing a new company strategy
3. To demonstrate the ability to formulate and critically appraise effective strategies using appropriate tools
1. Select a well-documented construction company (e.g. FTSE 100) on which to carry out a strategic case study. NB: I chose Schlumberger (SLB)
2. You are a consultant employed by the company to investigate, analyse, and recommend a new strategic direction and report back on your findings.
3. Produce a professional strategic options paper (3000 words).
a) Briefly summarise the company’s current strategy
b) Critically analyse the main challenges and opportunities facing the company using simple
strategic analysis (e.g. PESTEL/SWOT /Five forces). Tables of analysis should be placed in
an appendix and cross referenced in the narrative of the report.
c) Identify and appraise 2 new potential strategic options to increase competitive advantage
d) Make appropriate recommendations for the future direction of the company and evaluate these
(e.g. using the suitability, feasibility, and acceptability framework proposed by johnson &

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