Indicate the overall topic, purpose, and an overview of the research. Avoid diving into the actual discussion.


Discuss the information leading up to this project. Let the readers know of similar or opposing research of this topic. Cite your references, referring to the bibliography on pages 262-265 of your text.

Literature Review

This area would discuss literature related to your project. Summarize the readings of other authors. Again, use the bibliographic format on pages 240-242.

Theory, Method, Procedure, and Equipment

Present your theory or approach to the project here. Discuss common thinking on the subject and then explain your findings. Readers should be able to use this section to replicate your project.

Observations, Data, Findings, and Results

Show collected data in this section using tables, charts or pictures to clarify the material. Be sure that your opinions are not included in this section, just the facts. This table can be filled from information retrieved in the Drone Scenario on BlackBoard.


Table 1. Results of research findings



Draw conclusions based on the data you have entered and explain how you arrived at them.

Implications and Further Research

Discuss how these findings can be applied and also outline any possible future research.

Information Sources

This will be a complete list of information sources used in this report, including any previous resources mentioned in the above sections. (See pages 240-242 in your textbook for samples.)


  • David Beer and David McMurray, A Guide to Writing as an Engineer, 3rd ed, Austin, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009.


  • Email from Dr. A. Smith, project manager, CSU, Cleveland, Ohio, February 5, 2011.

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