Classic English Literature

Inferential reasoning is used when an individual forms opinions, draws conclusions and/or makes arguments.  As you know, one should use empirical evidence or principles of logical consistency when supporting points or developing arguments. However, some individuals may think they are using inferential reasoning but are really are falling victim to a logical fallacy.  They may think they are forming opinions or drawing conclusions on valid, accurate information, when they are really making an error in judgments.  Instead they are forming opinions or making arguments based on inaccurate information.

Directions:  Reflect on these concepts and make connections to you and our community

  1. Identify, briefly define, and connect a logical fallacy (from pages 187-189) to a local society/culture
  • Explain in detail where and how you see this happening locally at a societal or cultural level? What specific reasons (empirical evidence/logical consistency) can you give to prove this thinking is a mistake in reasoning?


  • What are possible implications of thinking this way? What impact/consequences will this have on our community?


  • How would using higher level thinking help avoid this logical fallacy
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