It is due by 11:59 p.m. on April 15, 2020

You will be given three essay-style questions.

One question will be compulsory and for the second you will choose one from the remaining two. Your answer should be about 1,500 words per question, plus cover page and any references.

• Question 1 is compulsory

• You can then pick Question 2 or 3 as your second response.

• Your total response consists of your response to Question 1, plus your response to the second question of your choice.

• Your total essay should be about 3,000 words, (plus or minus 10%), plus cover page and references. Please use APA style, and insert the references cited at the end of each question and not as one group at the end of the whole essay. Some good resources on APA style are: 2… neral_format.html

Question 1 – 1500 words This is a required/mandatory question.

Question: Personal Reflection

There are variety of learning objectives. These were:

1. Understand foundational elements in the evolution of public relations, such as history, definitions, the role of the public relations departments, and the competencies required to work in public relations in the 21st Century.

2. Identify and apply the theory underlying public relations as a professional function.

3. Understand how various functions, roles and competencies work together in a modern public relations department.

4. Analyze and apply basic communications planning and reasoning to public relations problems or cases.

5. Exhibit and practice the various important competencies, skills and abilities that are part of modern public relations practice and teams.

In your response to this question, please reflect upon your own growth in learning and knowledge about public relations throughout this course. Here are some general questions to help you with your reflection, and you can use all, some, or none in your response. Please write in full sentences if you submit essay style.

Regardless of the method you choose, we are looking for you to demonstrate that you have taken the time to reflect upon your personal learning and growth in some detail in relation to what you learned in the course. We are also looking for you to refer to some theories, definitions or other concepts covered in the course in your response.

1. At the start of the course, how would you describe your knowledge of and interest in public relations?

2. What have been the most valuable and/or enjoyable parts of the course for you and why?

3. Can you reflect on something in particular in the course that sparked you to look at things differently or changed the way you look at public relations? Please focus on and name one or more specific element(s) of the course such as theories, definitions, concepts, or other course content that made you think or helped change your thinking.

4. What elements were you most interested in? What did you learn the most from?

5. Can you see yourself applying elements of public relations to any future career, and if so, which elements and how? Has some of the learning already been useful to you, and if so, how?

6. What are the things, if any, you think you will remember from this course long after it’s finished?

7. What do you think of your knowledge of public relations now? What is your sense of what public relations is about? Here are a couple of links to what reflective writing is/is not to help you as you work on your response:…

Question 2 – Public Relations general knowledge and crisis communications

The world is currently in the midst of a very difficult crisis dealing with the Coronavirus.

Please pick two of the sub-questions below and write 750 words for each response, for a total of 1,500 words, plus references. Please ensure you quote at least 6-10 academic sources (APA Style) in your response. You may add other references if you wish. We are looking for you to reference authors, and also bring some of your own thinking to these questions. Please refer to one or more specific crises or issues to help make your points. Anytime you name a specific crisis or public relations concept, theory, or definition, please explain how it relates to the point(s) you are making.

Question(s) – pick two of these for 750 words plus references each

1. Which public relations definition do you feel best reflects what an organization should be doing in the midst of a crisis?

2. What is the definition of a crisis and is it your sense that we are experiencing one now with COVID-19?

3. What is the role of public relations in a crisis?

4. How does the media help/hinder crisis communications?

5. How can/do public relations practitioners contribute to communications with various publics during a crisis?

6. What models of public relations are used/are most effective in crisis communications?

7. What publics are important in crisis communications?

8. What opportunities/challenges have social media brought when dealing with crises?

9. What types of ethical issues might public relations practitioners encounter in doing their job in a crisis situation?

I have provided the library links to a few resources that may help with some of these questions. Please also leverage any other information you may find in our required textbook, class presentations and notes, or through other sources as well as your learning throughout this semester, to answer the questions.


Chapter on Parameters for Crisis Communications by Tim Coombs:

https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com.proxy.bib.uottawa…. 5973.12130&context=PC&vid=01OCUL_UO:UO_DEFAULT&lang=en&search_scope=MyInst _and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central

Question 3 – Media relations and communications planning

The railway disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, is one of the case studies covered in the course.

Please review online materials from the course as well as your notes, the textbook and any readings/videos to respond to this question. In your response, please refer to these and any other references (6-10 references, APA style) you may find to make your points. Your response should be about 1,500 words, plus references.

Question: Imagine that you are the public relations officer for the railway company. Your role is to advise the Chair of the company and its other leaders in the wake of this event. Please respond to all parts of this question:

a) How would you have recommended that the company proceed with communications with the community and the media following this event?

To answer this part of the question, please write a brief communication plan that includes all the usual elements of a such a plan as identified in the class materials and the textbook.

b) What do you think the Chair of MMA did in his public communications to further upset the community? What could and should he have done differently?

c) What do you feel are the general lessons learned about public relations that can be drawn from this situation?

Resources: Here are links to the two videos that are available in the class materials about this case.

The essay is due by 11:59 p.m. on April 15, 2020

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