Cost Benefit Analysis/ROI Project

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Cost Benefit Analysis/ROI Project


You will need to complete and submit this project individually. In class, you will be able share ideas and collaborate with other students selecting the same topic. But the written report must be you own work and submitted through an assignment dropbox using Turnitin antiplagiarism software.

I. Select an HR project or program, e.g. implementing an HRIS, developing a new training program, outsourcing an HR function, etc.

II. Based on your research, provide a detailed list of all costs and benefits.

III. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis using NPV and Benefit/Cost Ratio.

V. Write a three-page report describing your analysis and rationale for your decision. The three pages need to include your Excel spreadsheet.

This report is for your company’s HR Executive Committee, must state your recommendation, and summarize your analysis. You can create a company that would potentially invest in this project and estimate the costs and benefits. The estimates should be grounded in your research. Your report including spreadsheet must not be more than three pages.

Paper should state purpose and recommendation up front and have informative
section headings.


Grades will be based on the quality of the:

Paper including the following:

a.  Analysis of cost and benefits.

b.  Net present value and whether it supports the investment.

c.  Benefit cost ratio and whether it supports the investment.

d.  Citation of at least three articles or reports to support your costs and benefits.

e.  Excel spreadsheet using the cost/benefit analysis template provided.

Possible Topics

Please choose ONE of the following topics:

1.  Building a training center instead of sending employees to external training providers

2.  Transitioning from classroom to online training

3.  Building an onsite daycare center for employees’ dependents

4.  Implementing a Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) division

5.  Building an inhouse recruitment center instead of using outside recruiting agencies

6.  Building an employee fitness center

Suggested Resources

American Society for Training and Development,
Bloomberg (business news service),
CNBC (business network),
CNN (cable news network),
Financial Times (financial news service),
Fortune Magazine,
New York Times,
Society for Human Resources Management,
New Jersey Star Ledger Newspaper (Job Finder section),
Wall Street Journal,

Company websites and career sections