Create a new staffing department system.

Staffing Strategy

You are the new Staffing Director for General Health Charities (GHC). GHC is the fundraising division of General Health Systems, a five hospital, 1,500 bed, 12,500 employee organization, which specializes in all areas of acute care. The system relies heavily on GHC for funds to build and modernize buildings, recruit new talent, and purchase new equipment.

You currently have four recruiters reporting directly to you. Each recruiter is responsible for a different area (i.e., leadership, business office, service personnel, and service). You deem the system to be inefficient, specifically since you are not recruiting qualified applicants in any of the areas. Furthermore, turnover remains high.

For the purpose of this assignment, you are required to do the following:

  • Create a new staffing department system. Be creative in the information that you provide, though specifically explain how GHC will recruit and select qualified candidates.
    • Select two of the four areas of recruitment and create a plan for each area. For example, one of the recruiters is responsible for recruiting service workers. Therefore, it is important to explain the following based upon the two areas selected:
      • The role of the service worker.
      • The necessary qualifications for the service worker.
      • The job outlook for service workers.
      • Any other important information.
    • Finally, explain how GHC can compete with other local healthcare organizations/systems to recruit the best candidates.
      • Explain current health system recruitment challenges.
      • Explain how the company will utilize monetary and non-monetary initiatives to enhance recruitment efforts.

You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references