Create a UNIX group.

Applied Sciences homework help

Convert your second shell script (User Maintenance) into a Perl script. This Perl script must perform the following tasks:

Generate a menu to ask the system administrator for the task that he or she would like to see performed.

The available tasks are as follows:

Create a UNIX group.

Drop a UNIX group.

Create a user.

Drop a user.

Prompt the user for the choice, and perform the system command.

In addition, check to make sure that before creating either the user or the group that neither already exists; if it does already exist, print out the existing user ID, comment field, and home directory locations from the password file.

Include a discussion about what regular expressions are and how Perl efficiently includes regular expression processing in the language. Be sure to state examples.

Add the Perl code and the discussion about Regular Expressions to the project template section “Writing Perl Programs.”

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