Creating a Development Programme

Business Assessment


Your business owners are keen to make your organisation a learning organisation and have identified a range of priorities where they think improvements can be made. As a manager it is now your responsibility to take those organisational priorities and translate them into productivity improvements. You will need to find out the learning needs of your workplace, create a training plan for your team/individual and ways you are going to evaluate the plan. All this need to be submitted in a report to the owners for approval covering the following points:

SECTION A – Determining the Development needs
1. Observe the individual team members demonstrating the selected workplace activity
2. Complete an assessment of the individual’s performance
3. Get the team member to complete an assessment of their own performance
4. Identify the areas where improvement is needed
5. Identify ways to develop the individuals skills/knowledge in these areas
6. Discuss these with the member

SECTION B – Creating a Development Programme
1. Write up a plan of the activities that will develop the skills/knowledge that the individual needs
2. Include an appropriate workplace coaching opportunity
3. Identify the support materials and resources needed for the programme
4. Identify a timeline

SECTION C – Evaluating the Development Programme
1. Create an evaluation form for the team member to complete that shows how effective they thought the development programme was.
2. Create a record of the outcome and performance of the team member so you can see how effective the development programme was.
3. Write up a short report on how effective you thought the programme was and what changes you would make to make it more efficient and effective.

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