creative assignment is “What if…?”

creative assignment is “What if…?”

Week 1 Creative Writing Assignment:

This week’s creative assignment is “What if…?” What if the time period of “Neighbour Rosicky” were changed to contemporary society?   Write a 400-word creative response that addresses one of the questions below.

1. How would Rosicky’s life be different with today’s medical technology?

2. How would _________’s life be different with today’s technology? (You may choose any character from Cather’s story for this question.)

Assignment Requirements: Your submission must:

· include a minimum of 400 words, written in paragraph form.

· use Times New Roman 12-point font and be double spaced.  A title page, running head, and abstract are not required.

· be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment on the submission page (click title above).  Assignments not submitted in this way may be returned to you ungraded.


There is a no-research policy in place for this class. Using any material other than the assigned readings and lectures, even if it is correctly quoted and cited, will result in a failing grade for this assignment. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this policy.

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