Write a detailed discussion of CSR/ Stakeholder Analyst about Amazon Kindle Case

Detailed requirements:

The CSR/Stakeholder Analyst Identifies the primary and secondary stakeholders in the case. You will also discuss their “stakes” or claims. Stakes are an individual’s interest within an organization. Which stakeholders have the most power? Are the claims legitimate? Primary stakeholders are individuals who have a direct interest in the company. Secondary stakeholders are those who have an indirect interest in the company. For example, students are primary stakeholders of Troy University and parents would be considered secondary stakeholders. Again, stakes are the “interest” or concerns of the primary and secondary stakeholders. For example, the rising cost of tuition would be a stake for most students. Examine the organization assigned for this week and list both the primary and secondary stakeholders. Of the shareholders listed, which ones do you deem the most powerful in terms of their power or ability to influence the organization? Then, share the “stakes” of each stakeholder identified. Which stakes are most legitimate and urgent? In other words, are the concerns legitimate or not? Which concerns are most urgent and should be addressed first? Explain your rationale by discussing in your deliverable. (Minimum length is a one page word document and two resources: textbook and one additional source)

Textbook will be attached later.

Next, evaluate the organization in terms of it’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Does it meet economic, ethical, legal, and philanthropic expectations? If not, which aspect of the CSR model (economic, ethical, legal, and philanthropic) does it breach?

Model of CSR and Stakeholder will be attached later.

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