(Data Collection and Findings) What happened? What did you notice?

Read over your field notes. Think specifically about how what you experienced relates to culture, socialization, gender, sexuality, and other issues from class. Ponder the sociological dynamics, not just the individualistic issues.
• Choose at least two sociological concepts – that you saw in your experience – to specifically analyze in relation to the data you collected. Find some high quality academic sociological research that links to what you will discuss. (Yes, search those journals like we did for Assignment #1.) Think about how social structures, norms, and change have shaped the experiences in this location.
1. (Introduction) Describe the basic situation and overview of where you volunteered, what happened, and how you will be analyzing it. (This should be brief as it is just the introduction to what you’ll be discussing later.)
2. (Data Collection and Findings) What happened? What did you notice? (Don’t include everything -highlight those things that relate to your upcoming analysis.)
3. (Analysis & Discussion) Discuss how your observations relate to (two) sociological concepts, specifically those relating to societal features (not individual features)? Use your sociological imagination to identify the social norms, structures, and changes involved in shaping the situation. Be sure to incorporate the research you found into your discussion.
4. (Conclusions) Wrap up your discussion by identifying the big picture – what do you now understand or know about society, based on your experience in this community organization?

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