Data Structures

All assignments have two parts—a practice part and a submission part. Solutions are provided for the practice problems at the time the assignment is made. Please feel free to assess your progress on your own. When submitting your assignment, only upload solutions to the submission part. You are permitted to use the web to guide solving problems in the practice part; you are not permitted to use the web or any other resources (except your collaboration partners on collaborative problems) for the submission part.

All written assignments are expected to be typed in a word processor, but the assignment must be submitted as a PDF not a ZIP file. When using equations, make use of the built-in equation editor for these tools. Avoid scanning hand-drawn figures. If the assignments are not legible, they will be returned to the student with a grade of zero. Be sure each assignment includes a daytime phone number in case the instructor or grader needs to reach you. Extra credit for LaTeX submission will be given, ensure the *.tex file is included as well. The grader will grade two problems for the HW chosen at random, however all problems must be attempted with a valid solution.
Click on the “HW1 Spring 2016.pdf” file above to access the assignment for this module.

Click on the “Homework Assignment 1 Submission” link in Module 2.

Please post any questions you may have about the topics covered this week in the module’s discussion area. If you have questions regarding assignments please post the questions in the assignment related discussion area or in your Muddy Group area for non collaborative problems. Remember that you should not reveal any solutions in the discussion questions. You are being graded on your ability to complete the homework on your own; with the exception of any problems labeled “Collaborative”, these are not collaborative assignments. Questions on specific approaches taken to solve problems should be emailed to the instructor rather than posted in the discussion area.

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