Please create a debate. the group is designed of 7 members 3 in favor and 3 opposing and one that introduces the theme or opens the discussion.

Debate Preparation:

• Develop the resolution to be debated.

• Organize the teams

• Research the topic and prepare logical arguments.

• Gather supporting evidence and examples for position taken.

• Anticipate counter arguments and prepare rebuttals.

• Team members plan order and content of speaking in debate.

Debate opens with the affirmative team (the team that supports the resolution) presenting their

arguments, followed by a member of the opposing team. This pattern is repeated for the second

speaker in each team. Finally, each team gets an opportunity for rebutting the arguments of the

opponent. Speakers should speak slowly and clearly. The judges and members of the audience should be

taking notes as the debate proceeds.

1. The first speaker on the opposing team presents arguments opposing the resolution. (5


2. The second speaker on the affirmative team presents further arguments in support of the

resolution, identifies areas of conflict, and answers questions that may have been raised by the

opposition speaker. (5 minutes)

3. The second speaker on the opposing team presents further arguments against the resolution,

identifies further areas of conflict, and answers questions that may have been raised by the

previous affirmative speaker. (5 minutes)

4. Short recess for teams to prepare their rebuttals. (5 minutes)

5. The opposing team begins with the rebuttal, attempting to defend the opposing arguments and

to defeat the supporting arguments without adding any new information. (3 minutes)

6. First rebuttal of the affirmative team (3 minutes)

7. Each team gets a second rebuttal for closing statements with the affirmative team having the

last opportunity to speak. (3 – 5 minutes each)

Please find attached a paper done that we like to use as a reference to the debate.

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