Define a nurse advocate.

Nursing Advocacy Nurses encounter numerous issues in which they may need to be advocates-issues related to patients, the work place, the organization, and the profession. Patient advocacy means that nurses use their voices for the patient (consumer) at the local, state, and national levels when supporting policies that protect patients and promote safe health care systems. Work place advocacy relates to those issues that confront nurses as they work, including nursing shortages, adequate staffing, errors in health care delivery, and violence in the work place. Nurses practice professional advocacy by promoting a professional work environment within the organization and support professional and personal development. The nurse’s role in advocating for quality health care, patient safety, and work place issues are defined. 1. Define a nurse advocate. 2. Discuss the nurse’s role in achieving quality health care. 3. Describe the nurse’s role in advocating for client safety. 4. Explain the importance of evidence-based practice when advocating for patients. 5. Discuss situations in which the nurse may be in conflict with the health care system when trying to be an advocate for the patient

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