Define interdependency.

1.  List the five (5) geography skills that children develop during preschool and primary years.

2.  List the five (5) main themes of geographical studies.

3.  Give examples of how a teacher can use the environment to increase children’s awareness of the world around them.

4.  How can a teacher use land and water to help children begin to make distinctions between the different surfaces covering the earth?

5.  Learning to care for the earth involves what five (5) concepts?

6.  Define interdependency.

7.  What is meant by aesthetic education?

8.  Define social consciousness.

9.  List the three (3) R’s of being a good environmentalist.

10.  List several suggestions for teaching children about how the earth moves in space.

11.  What can a teacher do to teach children about direction and location?

12.  List eight (8) concepts children are made aware of through movement exploration.

13.  Explain cardinal directions.  How can a teacher teach cardinal directions to children?

14.  What is meant by relative position?

15.  List three (3) concepts children must understand in order to use maps.

16.  List three (3) things you might want to do when introducing children to maps.

17.  What do geographers study?

18.  What is a region?

19.  What is a physical region?

20.  Define cultural region.

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