Describe its impact on the organization culture.

Katz and Miller (2014) identified seven “From => To” strategies for leaders to apply, in order to transform an organization. Be sure to read the unit lesson and the Katz and Miller (2014) article before posting, so they can inform your post. Include the following elements in your post:

  1. Give an example of one of the seven “From => To” strategies that you have observed in your own organization. (The organization used in this example may be your current or past employer, a volunteer organization, your church, a music or athletic organization in which you participated, or any other organization in which you actively participated.)
  2. Discuss the situation. Describe how this particular “From => To” strategy was approached and how it successfully resulted in change.
  3. Describe its impact on the organization culture. How did this “From => To” approach impact the diversity of ideas shared or the inclusiveness within the organization?
  4. At the top of your post, write—in bold—the “From => To” goal that you chose to discuss in this post.

As always, be sure that your discussion is respectful, as you seek to understand yourself and other people! In your discussion, practice Model II behaviors. 

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