Describe the data collection and analysis methods you used.

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Due August 22 at 11:59 PM

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Assignment 1: Creating the Report

This module taught you how to develop a report about your applied research study. In addition, this module taught you how reporting may vary based on the type of applied research study conducted. Using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and other scholarly sources, explain how you plan to prepare your report.

The purpose of this assignment is to explain your study to key stakeholders. Draft a memo to a leader in your field/discipline, organization, or company to explain your applied research study. Essentially, this assignment is a summary of your applied research prospectus (similar to an abstract).


In a minimum of 300 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following:

· Identify the target audience of your report (explain your answer).

· Identify the problem and its context.

· Explain the research design strategy and why it is well suited for your study.

· Briefly summarize the literature related to your applied research study.

· Describe the data collection and analysis methods you used.

· Describe the change that could be made in your field/discipline, organization, or company on the basis of your applied research study.

· Use at least two scholarly citations and cite the sources in the body of your work using APA standards.

· Prepare a reference list.

Support your memo by using at least five resources from professional literature in your response. Professional literature may include the Argosy University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites ending in .edu or .gov).

Submission Details:

· By the due date assigned, post your responses to this Discussion Area.

· Through the end of the module, respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Your responses should be substantive, meaning they should encourage further dialogue and discussion and encourage your classmates to think about other aspects of the topic. Compare and/or contrast your response to your classmates’ responses or ask a relevant, meaningful question to improve your understanding.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions 16
Quality of responses to classmates 12
Frequency of responses to classmates 4

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