Describe the role and operation of a Cement Bond Log (CBL)

  1. What are the float collar and the guide shoe? Describe their roles in the cementing process (1 page).
  1. You are asked to design a cementing program for a string of production casing. Your know from experience that you can use a 16.48 lb/gal cement slurry prepared with Class H cement (neat, i.e., no additives). The surface and intermediate casing have been cemented and production casing has been set at a total depth (TD) of 9800 ft. The production casing is 31.7 lb/ft, 7 in. OD, 6.19 in ID and the openhole is nominally 8.5 inches. Based on the openhole logs, a 15% excess is required in calculating cement volumes. The previous or intermediate casing is set at 7500 ft. Production casing needs to be cemented from 9800 to 8000 ft. The float collar is 40 feet above the guide shoe. Calculate the cement volume required (number of sacks).

(Water requirement for Class H cement is 4.29 gal/sack)

  1. From the textbook (Mitchell and Miska), clearly summarize the mechanisms for hydration and strength development of oilfield cement. How do you calculate the density of oilfield cement after it has set?
  1. Describe the role and operation of a Cement Bond Log (CBL) (1 page)
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