.Describe the study population.

Answer the following questions in a Word Document. Use 12-point font, 1inch margins, and double space. Headings are Question 1, Question 2, etc. Use current APA guidelines. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected. The critique should include:
1.What is the research question? What is the research design? Was the hypothesis clearly stated or implied? What was the hypothesis for the study? (10 points)
2.List the variables in this study. Label them as dependent or independent. Describe the level of measurement for each variable. (15 points)
3.List the statistical analyses, descriptive and inferential, used in the study. What is the purpose of each analysis? (20 points)
4.Describe the study population. (5 points)
5.Are the study findings (results) generalizable to other populations? Support your answer. (5 points)
6.List the findings and report their level of significance. (10 point)
7.Conclusions: Are they logically related to the hypotheses? Limitations: Are limitations identified? Can you think of others, which are not identified by the authors? If so, what are they? (15 points)
8.Confidence: How confidant can you be that the results are valid and useable? Are the implications for practice logical? What influenced your opinion (5 points)
9.APA and Writing Mechanics (15 points)
The article you will use for this critique, can be accessed here:
Liu, K., You, LM., Chen, SX., Hao, YT., Zhu, XW., Zhang, LF., & Aiken, L.H. (2012). The relationship between hospital work environment and nurse outcomes in Guangdong, China: A nurse questionnaire survey. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 21, 1476-1485


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