Describe two ways in which this can be mitigated

  1. Choose a process, system, design or facility that you deal with in your field of study that an be the subject of a risk analysis. Provide a description of the item you have chosen.
  2. Identify 3 hazards associated with your choice, and suggest possiblescenarios/consequences on how they can lead to an accident.
  3. Describe two ways in which this can be mitigated. What protection has been created by the government for the

    public against hazards such as the ones you have selected (e.g., laws, regulations, standards)?

  4. Choose an industrial disaster from your field of study and write a brief description of the nature of the event.
  5. What happened, why it happened, the outcome and impact?
  6. Describe the risks associated with the event you have chosen. How would you go about determining likelihood? Use the 5 characteristics of risk to guide your answer.

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