• Discuss ethical behaviour in accordance with professional codes.

he purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in research, critical analysis and academic writing of high standard. In this assignment students will:
• Identify potential ethical and social issues related to IT administration ethics.
• Discuss ethical and social issues pertaining to IT systems‐administration.
• Interpret professional codes of ethics developed by various industry bodies.
• Discuss ethical behaviour in accordance with professional codes.
• Explain ethical solutions to ensure that the society benefits.
Students must be able to generate ideas at abstract levels and support their arguments with strong reasoning. Students must strengthen critical thinking skills by answering the assignment.

Assignment Description
Smart technologies are on the rise. There is a body of literature discussing the key benefits of Smart Technologies; however smart technologies also introduce many ethical issues.

Driverless car technology has attracted significant interest in manufacturing industry over the recent Please identify what ethical issues arise from use of driverless cars. Will you embrace this emerging technology from ethical perspective?

Cyberbullying has been a significant issue globally over the past few Cyber‐technology has exacerbated this problem due to proliferation of mobile applications in the marketplace. You receive notification from a third party through one of the Apps that you use inviting you to participate in an event. You are not sure how they received your details. Discuss what security issues arise due to sharing of too much personal information on social media Apps.

Smart phones are being used by nurses for clinical communications and workflow in Using smart phones to record patient data introduces ethical issues involving patient privacy. Identify what privacy risks arise in such a context and explain the risks in detail.

Technologies such as google glass and smart watches are coming into Given the intrusive natures of these technologies it is easy for employees to take video or photographs of other people at work and share it with others. What ethical issues arise from use of wearable technologies in workplace?

There are many apps available for download for consumers (for example, health monitoring, booking taxi, banking apps). While these Apps are user friendly and improve user experience, there is also a security concern that hackers can use some loopholes in such apps to modify or delete customer Discuss an App that you have used recently and if there have been privacy breaches? Is it ethical for companies to introduce Apps with only basic level of security?

Investigate and reflect upon one of the above scenarios using Ethical Guidelines published by organisations such as: EA and ACS.

Students with ID ending with Answer scenario number
0 or 5 0
1 or 6 1
2 or 7 2
3 or 8 3
4 or 9 4


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