Discuss the value of an organizational culture assessment, pros and cons, and other considerations.

For the final integrating paper, you will walk through the steps of a ten step intervention to assess cultural dimensions (chapter 18) and then apply the transformative model of change (chapter 17) to this organization/situation. To do this you will use an organization with which you are familiar, your current place of employment, a past employer or other organization as your example organization. You can use the same organization you used for previous papers in the class.

The paper has three parts: a cultural assessment, application of the transformative change model, and summary. You will approach these from a leadership point of view.

Part One: Cultural Assessment. Discuss the value of an organizational culture assessment, pros and cons, and other considerations. Then, using chapter 18 as a guide, apply a ten step intervention to this example organization. In each step of the model, use your observations as the background for this analysis but feel free to conduct interviews or gather additional information as necessary.

Part Two: Transformative Change. Describe the transformative change model presented in the text and apply it to this organization. As you apply it to the organization, you can use one or two approaches; 1) applying the steps and considerations retroactively to a significant change, or 2) applying it to a change that might confront this organization.


Part Three: Summary. Review your findings from parts one and two of this analysis and provide an overall summary and review of this organization, its leaders and organizational change. Be sure to highlight key topics from the course in this final section.  paper should be 8 pages in length, using APA style and should cite references as necessary, not less than 6.

It should include a title page and table of contents as necessary (these are not part of the 8 pages of content).

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