Does your essay follow all MLA guidelines for page layout, citations, and works cited entries

(Before you read the instructor) write about my major which is Petroleum engineer working in Production and operation gathering center. The main job is to control and observe the oil, water and gas levels in each tank and unit.

Task: For this first assignment, you will compose a 3 1/2 -4 page researched essay that explains a current trend in your field. You should not merely summarize or tell me what you already know about the field but rather use this as an opportunity to research and find out something new about what is happening in your field at the present moment. Topics can range from developments in technology to new regulations or standards.

Papers should be informative but written so that a general audience may understand the material. Writing for a targeted audience is an important requirement for this assignment. One of your goals then should be to present the information in such a way that someone outside of your field can still understand the points you’re trying to make. In writing about and for a technological field, it is imperative that you try to avoid jargon or confusing, esoteric, language that would make you lose your audience, instead of grasping and maintaining their attention. For this reason, you might need to pace your discussions in such a way that you can take the time to fully explain or break down various concepts that may be virtually unknown or confusing for someone reading your paper.

References: You will need 3 sources for this assignment. These references should be in the form of scholarly, peer reviewed sources, which means that these articles have appeared in academic based journals and not on general websites like those commonly found on sites ending in “.com” Citations and Works cited entries must follow MLA guidelines. I will provide links to the Purdue Owl and reference pages to help you with these portions of the paper. Generally, when integrating quotations or paraphrased material from these sources, you should make sure that your readers know from where you are quoting, quote it directly or paraphrase, and then include the correct citation information in the parentheses. Even paraphrased material must include a citation! Your essay should demonstrate a balance between your own words/thoughts and the quoted material from references. Because this essay will cover a current trend in your field, your references should be recent in order to better support your topic.

Checklist for General Writing Requirements and this Essay:

1. Does your essay provide a clear introduction that establishes the topic and ends with a solid thesis statement?- 15 points

2. Have you used topic sentences that serve as main ideas for your body paragraphs?- 10 points

3. Have you used your sources to fully develop your paragraphs? Have you appropriately balanced the use of quotations along with your own thoughts and analysis?-
15 points

4. Have you used transitions effectively between body paragraphs, but also between shifts in sentences, ideas,and/or before quoting?- 15 points

5. Does your essay follow all MLA guidelines for page layout, citations, and works cited entries?-10 points

6. Have you avoided spelling errors, confusing or awkward syntax, and used commas and semicolons correctly?-15 points

7. Have you selected appropriate and relevant sources for your topic?- 10 points

8. Have you obviously written for a general audience, thus grasping and maintaining their attention?-10 points

8. Are you submitting the final draft on time and in the appropriate manner on Moodle? 10 point deductions for each day a final draft is late.

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