Electrochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry

You will design and perform two virtual lab experiments for this Case assignment using the Chem Collective website provided by the National Science Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University. Then continue to the Amrita Virtual Lab website to complete the third laboratory exercise.

You must have the most current versions of Java and Quicktime in order to use this virtual laboratory!

Vitamin C content in peach


  • Read the description for this virtual lab and perform the experiment described
  • In your lab report include a brief description of the procedure and include the reactions used
  • Perform the titration at least three times to get an average number, standard deviation and 90% confidence interval
  • Check your answer against the computer
  • In your discussion explain why your results may differ from the actual value


Exploring Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Design an experiment to order Cu, Mg, Zn and Pb from strongest to weakest reducing agent


  • Read the problem description and design experiments to measure the relative oxidation potential of the metals
  • Record your observation and present them in your lab report
  • Outline your logic in ordering the metals
  • In your discussion, answer the questions presented in the problem description


EMF measurement


  • Read the theory and complete the self-evaluation
  • Perform the EMF measurement laboratory according to the procedure
  • Select three cathode-anode pairs on which to perform the experiment
  • In your laboratory report, record the data indicated in the procedure
  • In your laboratory report, show all the calculations that you used to get the results
  • In your discussion, provide solutions to the assignment questions


Assignment Expectations

You will complete each of the activities above, and submit a lab report for each summarizing your objectives, procedure, and results. Submit all labs as Word documents or pdf files into your Case drop box.

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