Enhanced Selection and Recruitment System


In this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation of the project plan that you have been creating throughout this course. As you are creating the presentation, you will draw on assignments that you completed in Units III, V, and VI. Be sure that you have incorporated any feedback that you may have received from your professor. You will also be including information from the knowledge gained in this unit regarding international projects since you have been advised that there is a possibility of the project being repeated in your company’s branch office in another country. Please choose a country for this assignment, and conduct some research on the country’s culture and environment.

Create the presentation from the standpoint that you will be presenting your finished project plan to your stakeholders.Your presentation should consist of at least 15 slides, not counting the title slide and reference slide. Your presentation should include the components listed below.

  • Title slide
  • Project name and project manager name (you)
  • Goals of the project (reason for undertaking the project/anticipated benefits)
  • Project cost estimates
  • Project structure (functional, matrix, or projectized) with a definition of the structure
  • People/departments involved in the project
  • Timeline for completion (start date/estimated completion date)
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) of the project
  • Three of greatest risks in your project, their effects on the project, and your response to the risks
  • Parts of the project that will be outsourced
  • Six primary environmental factors that would affect the project when it is taken internationally
  • Description of culture shock that may be experienced by employees who go overseas to work on the project and strategies for coping with it
  • References slide

Some general guidelines to follow whenever preparing PowerPoint presentations are listed below.

  • Design your presentation with the back of the room in mind. It is important that everyone can easily see and read the content.
  • Select a professional-looking slide design (appropriate for the presentation/audience). White text on dark background is the easiest for the audience.
  • Use font size of at least 24.
  • Use color and graphics when appropriate.
  • Follow the 6 x 6 rule (no more than six lines per slide/no more than six words per line).
  • Utilize the Notes function to add your talking points.
  • Avoid complete sentences whenever possible; bullet points work best.
  • Add slide transitions to enhance the audience’s experience.
  • Make this a WOW presentation!

Be sure that citations and references follow proper APA formatting. You must use at least three references for this assignment, one of which can be your textbook and two of which must come from the CSU Online Library.

Arie McQuarley


Enhanced Selection and Recruitment System

Project leader name: Arie McQuarley

The leadership traits that are necessary for leading the project,

Several leadership traits are essential in the Enhanced Selection and Recruitment System. As a project leader, one is required to have a vision that aligns with the corporate goals and team objectives. Times are changing, and a business cannot achieve goals with the same strategies forever (Sarmento, 2017). As such, a vision is necessary for the team leader to shed light on the team members regarding what needs to be achieved, and strategies can be used to make such a vision. Leading this project will also need ethics and morals in enhancing fair selection and recruitment of quality candidates. These traits will be essential in avoiding crises and corruption and, as a result, improve goal achievement.

The team members and their roles in the project,

Mr. Jackson will be the Human Resource manager of our team and will provide useful insights into the elements, structure, and components of an effective recruitment system. He will coordinate the workplace and control the whole Selection and Recruitment System by ensuring that a set of policies and requirements is followed to the core.

Madam Harriet will be the IT department manager that will help in the development of an efficient technical system that incorporates the best recruitment system dashboard. Additionally, the training personnel will also take the recruits through the training process before being employed in the company. Communication management will be led by Mr. Moses alongside his coordinates to enhance an effective communication system in the Selection and Recruitment System.

The traits that make one a productive team member,

Flexibility is a core trait of team members since the working strategies and environment are not static. Besides, a productive team member shows commitment, reliability, and responsibility in working towards the achievement of project goals (van Prooijen & Ellemers, 2015). Communication skills, active listening, and staying informed also determine the productivity of the team member.

Eight traits associated with being a successful project manager, as highlighted by Galvin, Gibbs, Sullivan, & Williams (2014).

Organization – setting a realistic timeline and staying within an accurate budget for a project requires the project manager to be a well-oiled machine and organized.

Vision – a successful leader, has the idea to achieve in the business through effective planning and ensuring company growth.

Communication – this is a trait/skill that is critical to every business level, and it will be essential in conducting an effective selection process.

Leadership is another trait that enhances a manager to manage people effectively to keep up with the team’s productivity level.

The problem-solving project manager is good at making informed decisions and delivering the best to the project.

A successful project manager should also be composed to maintain calmness under pressure.

Time management is another trait that helps the project to keep up with time and meet deadlines.

Goal-oriented project managers tend to achieve the goals that seem impossible and cope with changing the business environment.

Conditions that support the development of high-performing teams

There should be clear team boundaries, an enabling organizational structure, a compelling team direction, competent coaching, and strong support from the team leader that help to develop a high-performing team (van Prooijen & Ellemers, 2015). These conditions control the selection and recruitment process without interfering with management roles since boundaries are set.

Strategies that can be used to manage dysfunctional conflict within project teams

Exercising leadership power can be a strategy to solve conflict within project teams. Compromise should also be applied to benefit the interests of each party on the project. In the management of dysfunctional conflict, we may also solve the underlying problem rather than the symptom. A project manager can also delegate conflict resolution to an accountable lieutenant and give him a chance to grow (Galvin et al., 2014). Lastly, but yet important, one should call a meeting to know the underlying cause of the conflict and know what the team members want to solve it entirely to avoid further complications.


Galvin, T., Gibbs, M., Sullivan, J., & Williams, C. (2014). Leadership competencies of project managers: An empirical study of emotional, intellectual, and managerial dimensions. Journal of Economic Development, Management, IT, Finance, and Marketing, 6(1), 35.

Sarmento, J. M. D. B. M. (2017). Leadership characteristics in recruitment and selection processes: a study developed in a consultancy firm specialized in human resources (Doctoral dissertation). Universidade Católica do Porto.

Van Prooijen, A. M., & Ellemers, N. (2015). Does it pay to be moral? How indicators of morality and competence enhance organizationally and work team attractiveness. British Journal of Management, 26(2), 225-236.