BUS 5425


Essays Week Four

Chapter One 

Look at competition today in the automobile, airline, and even clothes industries. The word “Competition” can bring out the best or the worst in an organization. Microsoft was had legal charges brought against them years ago for attempting to eliminate competition and even monopolize the market. When organizations focus strongly on current competition, new organizations slowly begin to slip into the industry. This was the case many years ago with the Big Three (Chrysler, Ford, and GM). They were very focused on each other and really did not pay attention to Toyota. Now, according to US News, the top four wealthiest automakers are Toyota ($214 Billon), Volkswagen ($101 Billon), Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) ($84.3 Billon), and BWM ($71. Billion). The Big Three has dropped tremendously; GM is ranked sixth ($52.9 Billion), Ford is eighth ($44.1 Billon), and Fiat Chrysler is tenth ($36.6 Billon). When new companies begin coming into the market, this can create many problems with competition. In fact, Michael Porter sees this as a very powerful source. Now, Tesla is now beginning to make a great deal of noise in the world of competition.

1. Consider the following article https://www.trefis.com/stock/tsla/model/trefis?easyAccessToken=PROVIDER_fdb11db659bd1a59ae20da362d0b1971a252c2be. Based on the article, it seems within the last few years, Tesla has entered the market with a bang. Based on the article and chapter one, how is Tesla competing within the market place?

Chapter 6

Consider the readings from the text and the power points from Chapter Six in answering questions two and three.

2. In slide 24, it documents CEO pay of the top executive in various industries. Select one of the CEO’s from the slide, conduct some research on your chosen CEO and the company where they are CEO, and then explain if they are worth the amount they earn. Please validate your answer based on the performance of the organization.

3. In slide 25, successful diversity recruiting is the topic. The slide provides five successful keys to conducting this activity. For number three, your job is to add one more key that you feel is imperative for diversity recruiting to be successful. Conduct research outside the text in determining your additional successful key. Validate your answer

Chapter 7

4. Read the following article https://hackernoon.com/jeff-bezos-ceo-amazon-explains-his-business-model-to-shareholders-80228d4e9233 about Amazon and Jeff Bezos (sorry about the ads) and Chapter Seven. After reading both of these sources, what was Bezos’ model, and what was the culture of the organization at Amazon?