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Part 1: Travel Brochure Assignment
You are working as a travel agent for Rocket Travel. You have been given an assignment to prepare information for a client who wants to take a trip to <somewhere of your choice>, but CANNOT be in Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey. You are working to complete a travel brochure for your client including a map and other optional selling points for that specific area. Your assignment is to design a dynamic travel brochure that showcases your chosen location as one of the most sought after vacation areas in the universe!

1.The first thing that you need to do is decide on the destination for which you will create your travel brochure to advertise. Brainstorm possible destinations that you think the public would be interested in. Once you have a list of worthy destinations, decide upon the destination on which you will base your travel brochure.
2.The second step is to collect information about your destination. DO NOT FORGET to cite your resources. You MUST have a minimum of 3 sources. You CANNOT use Wikipedia.
3.Be sure to include the following in your research:
oa detailed map of the destination
ogeographic, demographic, and environmental descriptions
opopulation and weather reports
oa list of major cities
olanguage(s) spoken
oreligions and holidays celebrated in a year
ogovernment and cultures practiced
othe currency used
ospecific historical locations
oa map and brief description of the significance of each historical location
oa list of available tours that offer tourists an opportunity to site see
oa price list and schedule of tours
oactivities varying from indoor to outdoor, land to water, dawn to dusk
onames and locations of areas of interest (recreation, dining, etc.)
omaps, schedules, and prices for activities if available
oany other specific instructions or restrictions to accompany activities
otransportation to destination
otransportation within destination (car rental, subway, bus, etc.)
olodging accommodations
odining accommodations
4.Once all information has been collected, you must sort through your collection, selecting the important data/information and discarding the rest. You will then need to begin the writing process. You need to convey the information you have collected in a persuasive fashion. After all, you do want to rally some interest in your customers rather than discourage their travels. Persuasive language includes detailed descriptions, action verbs, and imaginative phrases.
5.Once all information has been collected and rough drafts have been written, you need to begin putting together the travel brochure.
6.Begin to create your brochure. You will be creating your brochure using a Word tri-fold brochure template. Open Word. Click on New. Search for brochure or tri-fold brochures, then choose the tri-fold brochure (red and black).

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