Hi everyone:

I’d like for you to write a minimum 250-word response about Eric Wat’s Swim, Chapter 7, which was one of the required readings for the LGBTQ AAPI unit. There is a word count that gets automatically tallied when you send in your response to me, so don’t worry about having to put in a word count total at the very end of your response. Your maximum word limit will be 500 words.

As you can see, the main character of the novel—a gay Chinese American man living in Los Angeles—is going through a number of different issues—he’s in his 30s dealing with his addiction to methamphetamine; struggling with a breakup; dealing with taking care of his father who’s suddenly lost his wife, and his grandmother who’s living with dementia; and other family issues.

I’d like you to think about his situation in terms of health issues and disparities. Identify what you think is the most compelling health issue/disparity he’s having to deal with (elder care issues? Drug addiction? HIV? Identity problems?) and how that complicates everything else he’s having to go through. Do you find the main character likable or unlikeable? Why? Do you think Wat does a good job of making this character sympathetic?

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