Evaluate your paper’s strengths and weaknesses (use what if statements!) based on 10 Commandments of Composition. If something is done well, include a specific example. If something needs help, give specific suggestions.

  1. Thou shall follow the process (name/class/date on top, titled, pages numbered).
  2. Thou shall introduce (hook, main ideas introduced in at least a sentence each).
  3. Thou shall have a point (clear, specific, narrow, supported thesis that addresses all assignment prompts).
  4. Thou shall support thy points (concrete evidence in support paragraphs: specific details, examples, etc.).
  5. Thou shall develop one idea per paragraph.
  6. Thou shall relate thy paragraphs back to thy thesis.
  7. Thou shall transition from one point to the next.
  8. Thou shall write with style, not with fluff (Including MLA-Style citations).
  9. Thou shall make sense (spelling, grammar, etc.).
  10. Thou shall conclude what thou start (restates major points, take home sentence).

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