Have you ever sought help from a counselor? Was it a positive experience? Why or why not?

Multicultural Interview and Case Study

For this assignment you will identify two individuals you can interview about his/her career history. You will need the consent of the individual being interviewed, although no identifying information will be required in your report (i.e. name, address, etc.). You may select a fictitious name for the purpose of the assignment. The individual should be at least 21 years of age. You may find that an older interviewee has more career experience which will be relevant to the assignment. You should not select family members or close friends, so as not to be influenced by personal information gained from long-term relationships. The guidelines below can be used in conducting your interview. You may use selected guidelines from the list included below or use it in its entirety. Background information you may want to gather:

· Educational and occupational background of parents

· Schools and colleges attended

· Academic performance history

· College experience, if any (i.e. adjustment)

· Current career field and/or desired career field (if different)

· Experience with “helping professionals” (i.e. counselors, therapist, teachers, etc.)

· Self-Concept

Questions you may consider asking:

· Do you believe your culture (i.e. gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) has impacted your employment or career? If so, in what ways?

· Would you ever limit yourself and your possibilities for employment out of fear of rejection or mistreatment?

· Have you ever sought help from a counselor? Was it a positive experience? Why or why not?

Collect other relevant information as you deem appropriate to complete the assignment.

After conducting your interview, in essay format, write a 5-7 page paper on your interviewee’s career development experiences. Apply a selected career development theory to your case and consider the utility of the theory for working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Also offer suggestions to assist the individual with career related decisions and/or changes. It is appropriate to select a theory after conducting the interview.

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Grading Criteria

Content CriteriaTotal: 4 Points

Paper is a minimum of 5-7 pages in length, not including the title or reference page.

Addresses each topic fully and clearly, drawing on specific information from the learning material.

Includes introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement and a conclusion.

Reflects on key concepts related to the assignment.

Clearly applies at least one career development theory and analyze the appropriateness for utilizing with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Clearly articulates suggestions as to how the clients might address their unique career needs.

Writing and Organization CriteriaTotal: 2 Points

The central theme/purpose of the paper is clear.

The structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.

The thoughts are clear and include appropriate beginning, development, and conclusion.

Paragraph transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper.

Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.

Sentences are well constructed, with consistently strong, varied sentences.

Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought.

Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.

The paper uses words and language that are inclusive, clear, and unambiguous.

Spelling is correct.

Research CriteriaTotal: .5 Points

The paper includes a summary and analysis of research materials that are relevant to the assignment, e.g. scholarly journals, professional articles, legal documents, government documents, legal decisions, media clips, software, measurement instruments websites, personal communication, etc.

Professional/scholarly journals are peer reviewed and focus on the profession/application of psychology (located on Proquest, EBSCOHost, PsycNET, etc.). Non-scholarly articles include newspapers, periodicals, secular magazines, etc, and are not peer reviewed. Websites not approved include wilkipedia.com and about.com.

Research focuses on the most current information (past five to ten years) except when citing seminal works (e.g. Freud, Erickson, etc.).

Paper includes the appropriate number of references required by the assignment.

When appropriate, the paper addresses ethical considerations in research.

Style CriteriaTotal: .5 Points

The paper is in the appropriate APA format used by the institution/program (e.g. the 6th edition).

The paper is double-spaced and in the appropriate length required by the assignment

The paper includes an APA style cover page.

The paper includes an Abstract that is formatted to support the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

The paper properly uses headings, font styles, and white space as outlined in the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

The paper includes an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.

The paper addresses the topic of the paper with critical thought.

The paper concludes with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.

Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition) guidelines.

The paper includes a References Page that is completed according to the appropriate version of APA Publication Manual (e.g. 6th edition).

Total Possible Points Total: 7 Points

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