Examine the Treaty of Versailles.Do you believe the harshness of the treaty toward Germany laid the groundwork for World War II?

Directions: Pick 10 of the 15 ID’s below and provide a short answer that tells me what each is and its historical context/significance.
16th Amendment “Muckrakers”
War Guilt Clause 19th Amendment
Pan-German Movement Plessy v. Ferguson
Selective Service Act Vertical Integration
The Jungle Taxicab Army
Triangle Shirtwaist Food Administration
Spanish Flu Triple Entente
Zimmerman Telegram
Directions: Pick one essay from the selections below and write 1.5 to 2 pages on it. Be sure to address all aspects of the questions and answer it completely.
Examine the Treaty of Versailles. What did Germany lose and what did the victorious countries (Britain and France) gain? Do you believe the harshness of the treaty toward Germany laid the groundwork for World War II? If so please cite examples.
What “moral” crusades did the progressives undertake in their efforts to reform the social order? How successful do you believe these crusades were?
Chief Inspector Thomas Burns used this interrogation method, known as____________________ to make himself the most feared crime buster of his time.
Colonel George Waring, New York City sanitation engineer, employed 20,000 men and women to clean city streets. The people of New York named his crew, dressed in all white, the________________________.
Another crime solving technique pioneered by Thomas Burns was photographing criminals for his___________________________, which are known today as “mug shots.”

Head of the________________________________________________, George Creel controlled the largest propaganda campaign in American history during World War I.

Among the many wonders introduced at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, ___________________, a popular cereal of today, was dubbed “shredded doormat” by the Fair’s many patrons.

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