Final project, Intro to US History 

Final project, Intro to US History 

Imagine yourself transported back to another place and time in American history.  The goal of this project is to describe what your life would have been like based on your own unique identity (please, use yourself as the main character, not a made-up identity).  First, pick ONE time period and ONE region from the lists below in which to set your scene.  Though you should concentrate on what you think your advantages would be in the region/time period you choose (and why), be sure to discuss why you did not choose other particular regions and/or time periods.  Also be sure to analyze the effects race, class, and gender have on this historical experience.

There are many ways to approach this assignment.  You can present it as the narrative of an average day in your life, the telling of an exceptional event, your involvement or witnessing of a significant historical event, as a journal or diary, etc.  The final product can either be written (7-10 pages, double spaced, times new roman font, 12 pt) or some type of multimedia presentation (,,, short documentary film, etc.; this option must still represent the equivalent time and effort that would be put in to a 7-10 page research paper).  Be creative, but make sure your project represents something that could have actually happened.  That is, make it about something based on your research, demonstrable facts, etc.

All projects, regardless of the final format, should include a list of works cited (at least five sources, no Wikipedia or online encyclopedias, with page numbers from each source included even if you chose to present in a multimedia format).

This assignment will be due the last class meeting, December 5.

Good luck, and have fun.

DATES.                                                          ​LOCATIONS

1607-1763 ​​​                                                     South Carolina

1763-1789                                                    ​​​​ Virginia​

1789-1820 ​​​​                                                    Massachusetts