For your final projectyou will apply what

For your final projectyou will apply what you have learned in this course to a select product and a target foreign market.You will plan a realistic market launch.Click to review yourRequirements for the Final Project.
You will submit your final project in Module8.By nowyou should have already obtained approval from the instructor on the proposal you submitted in Module3.
For this activityyou will focus on an outline for your final paper.
You will receive feedback on this outline by the end of the next module.The expectation is that you incorporate this feedback when submitting your final paper.
You will receive feedback and your instructor will approve your proposal by the end of Module4.
Refresh yourself on theFour Main Components for Effective Outlines.
Things to Remember!
Requirements for the Final Project
The Final Project will be a fun and practical activity where you can apply what you are learning in the course to a select product and a target foreign market. Your task for the Final Project will be to plan a realistic market launch (from introduction through stabilization of operations). Launch applies to your target market where you want to sell your product. You are to select a product (not a service) – real or imagined that will be launched in a country other than the United States. Your product may be produced in the US in your target market or elsewhere.
You will submit your Final Project in Module 8. By then you will have already obtained approval for your Proposal (by the end of Module 4) and have completed the Outline (submit in Module 5). The Final Project will consist of your Business Plan and an Excel Spreadsheet of anticipated cash flows (expenses and income) with the resulting bottom line (profit or loss) for each year.
For the Final Project you will be responsible for presenting your analysis and conclusions on the following:
o Within the organizational structure you choose explain how you will handle management marketing operations finance internal controls etc…
o What will be involved in getting your product from country of production to country of sale?
o This should include a narrative discussion in the body of your Final paper and a separate Excel spreadsheet where you itemize your various expenses and your income over an initial 10 year period. Create your own numbers but be realistic. For example your start-up costs will likely be high so you might lose money the first few years. Later you might break even. Later then you might start making profits.


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