Genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods


During your study of biologr, you may have found a contro- versial topic you read about to be especially interesting. This assignment gives you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned by doing some research in outside sources and increasing your knowledge of one controversial topic.


Go to http: / / I pdt I sp0754.pdf and read the instructions for research papers. Select a controversial topic from the following choices.

r Human stem cells

I Genetically modified foods

r Climate change

r Cloning

I Designer babies

Consult resources other than the course textbook and this study guide. Examples of resources include other textbooks, journal articles, and reputable websites. Reputable online sources include enryclopedias and universitSr or governmental websites. Prepare a detailed report on the topic, including the following elements:

1. Describe the basic issue of your chosen topic.

2. Describe the basic argument of opposing viewpoints.

3. Identiff the strengths and weaknesses of both views.

4. Choose which view you agree with. 5. Explain why you agree with that view.

Incorporate the information you learned about your chosen topic from this course, but don’t limit your discussion to the textbook and study guide. Take advantage of extemal resources to provide an in-depth, comprehensive report.

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This assignment is designed to help you apply what you’ve learned from your lessons by researching and writing about a controversial topic you’ve studied and to give you an oppor- tunity to demonstrate your written communication and research skills, as well as your critical thinking skills.







Writing Guidelines T\pe your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with l-inch margins. (Do not use any fancy or cursive fonts.)

Include the following information at the top of your paper:

a. Name and complete mailing address

b. Student number

c. Course title and number (lntroduction to Biologr, SCI 120)

d. Research project number (25088100)

Read the assignment carefully and address the topic suggested. Use proper citation in either APA or MLA style,

Be specific. Limit your submission to the topic suggested.

Include a reference page in APA style. On this page, list websites, journals, and all other references used in preparing the submission.

Proofread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Research Project



Grading Criteria

Your grade will be based on the following criteria:

Content 75 percent Written comrnrrnication 20 percent Format 5 percent Here’s a brief explanation of each of these points.


The student

I Describes the basic issue of his or her chosen topic

r Describes the basic argument of opposing viewpoints

r Identifies strengtJrs and weaknesses of both the pro and the con views

t Chooses a view with which he or she agrees

r Explains why he or she agreed with the chosen view

Written Communication

The student

r Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure

r Stays focused on the assignment

I Includes an introductory paragraph, a body with well- defined paragraphs, and a clear conclusion

I Uses his or her own words and uses quotations and citation in the form of a reference page correcfly




The student includes a cover page with the following information.

r The title in capital letters

I Name and student number

I Current date

I Course title and number (Introduction to Biologr, SCI 120)

I Research project number (25088100)

Student uses standard 12-point font and l”-inch margins.

Submittlng Your ProJect

Follow this procedure to submit your project online:

1. Log on to the Penn Foster website and go to My Courses.

2. Click Take Exam next to the lesson you’re working on.

3. Attach your file as follows:

a. Click on the Browse box.

b. Locate the file you wish to attach.

c. Double*click on the file.

d. Click Upload Flle,

3. Enter your e-mail address in the box provided. (Note: This information is required for online submissions-)

4. If you wish to tell your instructor anything specific regarding this assignment, enter it in the Message box.

6. Click Submlt File.

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l!;ia;.4?.?t:,: Research Project

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