Globalization is an international phenomenon that has had an obvious impact on women all over the world

Globalization Project Globalization is an international phenomenon that has had an obvious impact on women all over the world. What is not so obvious is whether or not this impact has been positive or negative. For this paper you will assess globalization’s impact on women. In particular address the following question: Overall has globalization positively or negatively impacted the lives of women around the world? Why or why not?Globalization is a historical phenomenon that is highly debated in various disciplines. (Economy political science biology anthropology etc…) Women have been impacted in areas of education work family health care and many more. An in depth analysis of globalization and its effects will acknowledge the widespread nature of globalization.Formatting:The paper must be 10-12 pages (that means a minimum of 12 full pages) double spaced Times New Roman size 12 point font 1 inch margins. The paper should also be proof read and have few (if any) grammatical errors. Your writing should be clear and concise.Sources:You need to use at least 10 academic sources. (Academic books or peer reviewed articles) Newspaper articles for this project do not count towards the required number of sources. Newspaper articles may be used to provide supplementary information for your project. Only 5 readings from class can be used to count towards your total of 10 sources.Directions:Choose a side-You must choose either to argue that globalization has had more positive or more negative impact on women. You must provide evidence from the real world that defends your choice. Your discussion should also include an analysis of the historical nature of globalization. You must include in your argument a discussion on the impact of globalization on women in both the Global North and Global South.Acknowledge (and then destroy) counter-arguments-Whichever side you have chosen to defend there is evidence to support the other side. You must acknowledge and provide a detailed discussion of the argument of the opposing view that you think provides the strongest evidence against your argument. You will then make a detailed argument of why your position is in fact stronger. In other words you must provide a well-supported argument of why even though there is evidence that supports the opposing view that your view is the stronger.RubricFormatting Guidelines Followed 5 points No/Few Grammatical Errors 5 pointsSources At Least 10 Sources 10 points Appropriate Sources 10 pointsEstablishing the Problem Choice of side 5 points Historical perspective 5 points Evidence to support 10 points Global North 10 points Global South 10 pointsCounter Argument Detailed explanation of opposing evidence 15 points Convincing argument of why that evidence does not overcome your view 15 points




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