Choose a minority group in our dominant North American culture that is discriminated against and write about their particular obstacles or challenges in obtaining appropriate health care. There are health disparities and health care disparities. Health disparities refer to a higher burden of illness, injury, or disability. Health care disparities refer to differences between groups in health coverage, access to care, and quality of care. For example, a health disparity for people living in poverty is chronic illnesses such as obesity and high cholesterol, and a health care disparity for this group would be lack of access to quality care.

For this assignment please select one of the following:

Asian Americans
American Indians
Inuit Indians (Alaska natives who were once called “Eskimos”)
People living in poverty
The disabled (those with different abilities)

For example, you can investigate end-of-life decision making for African-Americans and why they tend not to choose hospice; the obstacles found in hospitals and doctors’ offices for people with disabilities (that can range from being blind to being wheelchair bound); the rate of alcohol use among American Indians and their access to good health care when living on a reservation; chronic illnesses among those living in poverty; or, whether or not our current climate of intolerance toward Muslims is increasing their health issues and decreasing their access to good care. This assignment helps meet module outcome 4.


The paper is to be 5-6 double spaced pages and 1250 – 1500 words.
Include a title page: title of paper, your name, course, date, and instructor’s name
Write an introduction, which should include why you chose this group. The last sentence of the introduction should identify the specific health and/or health care challenges undergone by this group which you intend to explore and analyze, in more detail, in the paper.
Develop an organized and coherent essay, using transitions between paragraphs.
Develop substantial ideas and articulate them through proper syntax, grammar, and spelling.
Using the Excelsior Library, locate 4 credible sources on this issue, such as a book, a journal article, newspapers, or magazines. You may use readings from the class, but they will not count toward the required 4 outside sources that are needed.
In-text citations should use APA style. 8. References listed at the end, separate page, APA style.

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