How did you demonstrate our core values?


Based on the following goals, please provide responses to the questions below (THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER AND NO REFERENCES IS REQUIRED, IT A PERFORMANCE EVALUATION WORK, DO NOT PROVIDE ANSWERS LIKE IT’S A RESEARCH PAPER): Goal Improve cybersecurity monitoring and incident response) LogSource types (are we capturing logs from device types – servers, firewalls, vpn, etc.)b) LogSource coverage (are all machines reporting)c) Content rules (are content rules working)d) Runbooks for important content rulese) Ticket management

Goal Improve cybersecurity tool usage (are we getting peek value from our tools): QRadar, ServiceNow, Tanium, Cofense, Area 1, McAfee ePO\NSM, Microsoft Security & Compliance

Goal Promote Security First Culture (Meaning of security first means i.e Create a safe password, lock down your computer when not inuse. Basically being cautious of security around you by preventing hackers from getting your password or breaching your account)

a) Branded Security First communications

b) Feedback activity reports from QRadar (rdp, ssh, other) ( What kind of security is in place)

c) Promote secure processes

Question: Describe your overall performance against your goals?

Answer Question: What accomplishment are you most proud of? Why? How did it impact the business?

Answer Question: What is the one area you need to focus on improving? Why? How will it increase your contribution?


Question: How did you demonstrate our core values? (People matter. Excellence every day. Think forward. Act now. Be real.)