. How does Yi-Fu Tuan distinguish the related concepts of “space” and “place”?


((1) A. How does Yi-Fu Tuan distinguish the related concepts of “space” and “place”?
B. In his piece on “Place-Identity”, Proshansky describes the way that the particular characteristics of the places we haved lived, and the social meanings assigned to them, shape our identities as people. Using examples from the film “Style Wars”, describe some of the ways that the people in the film had their identities shaped by the places they were from, and the ways they in turn tried to give these places a “personality” according to the specific values of their cultures and subcultures.

2)Feinberg, in his article “Drawing the Coral Heads”, describes the creation of a written “mental map” of the area around a Polynesian island by locals, based on local knowledge and oral traditions.
A. Without looking at a real map, draw a map of a place that you know well, setting a timer for at least ten minutes and filling in as much detail as you can in that time. Don’t worry how accurate it is. It can be a neighborhood, campus, or a whole city or town, or any scale you choose.
B. When you are finished, compare it to a “real” map of the area in google maps. What differences do you observe between the two? What does your map emphasize or minimize as compared to the google map? What does this tell you about your “place-identity”? Please bring the map to class.))

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