How has being a union member affected your job, including what you are required to do and your promotion opportunities?

Please answer all the questions for the two learning exercises listed below.  Answers should be thorough and complete for each question.  Please write your responses in a word document for submission and use the APA format as a guideline. Double space and use a 12 point font. The combined responses should consist of at least two pages of discussion for the combined questions and topics.  Use the following information to support you in completing this assignment correctly. All questions answered and addressed. Answers indicate that symptoms were recognized. Actual causes of the problem were uncovered. Answers indicate that you identified major goals of the organizations, units, and/or individuals in the case. Answers indicate that longer-term performance problems and those requiring immediate attention have been recognized and considered. Identified appropriate alternative actions.

Learning Exercise 1- Chapter 12

You are a manager for a furniture manufacturer in High Point, NC. A number of your employees have come to you and told you that they should receive additional benefits. Your company currently offers the following: health care insurance for which the employee pays one-third of the premium and the company pays two-thirds, dental insurance and vision care at no cost to the employee, and reduced-cost parking. Also, employees receive accidental death and dismemberment insurance and long-term disability insurance at no cost to them. Most employees receive 8 sick days per year that can be used only for illness, and 10 vacation days after three years at the company. The employees want you to provide the following:

· Reduced-cost child care

· Legal resources

· Long-term care insurance

· Short-term disability

· Twenty personal leave days that they can take at any time (to replace the current sick days and vacation days)

The employees are telling you that these benefits are provided by other companies in the area. Develop a plan of action for how you would respond in this situation.

1. Outline what steps you would take, including where you would find relevant information and the options that would be available to you if you are (1) in a large company with a compensation and benefits staff in a human resources department and (2) if you are a small business owner.

2. Provide documentation of the research you do to find benefits data for the software industry and the specific location.

3. Are there additional benefits you identified that some companies are offering that you could/should also offer?

Learning Exercise 2- Chapter 13

To learn more about the benefits of union membership, identify and interview someone who is a member of a union. In your interview, address at least the following questions.

1. How long have you been a member of the union?

2. Why did you join the union?

3. How has being a union member affected your job, including what you are required to do and your promotion opportunities?

4. What has been the biggest advantage to you as a union member?

5. Would you advise other workers to join the union? Why or why not?