How were migration flows and urbanization connected?

Political science: 250 words for every question. MLA and 1 work cited document

Every question should be answered in its separate sheet of paper (s)

  1. What distinguished 19th century Europe’s “reactionaries,” “liberals,” and “radicals” from Each other? In particular discuss the critical views of Karl Marx in the mid-19th century. What aspects of the newly emerging global order did his views challenge?
  1. The nineteenth century witnessed a demographic revolution in terms of migration and urbanization patterns. Based on your study of population flows, which nineteenth-century migration patterns reflected older trends, and which were new? What factors contributed to these new trends? How migration flows and urbanization were connected?


  1. It has been argued that one unintended consequence of the British Raj in India was the emergence of an Indian national identity that had never existed before. Do you agree or disagree with this? Please discuss.


  1. Describe the general trend known as “cultural modernism” in the industrial world during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with reference to at least two major characteristics of that trend (in different contexts such as literature, philosophy, scientific perceptions, sociology or the arts).
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